ALAN WRIGHT is the real deal with a hot rockin' CD, (Ain't Gonna Be Your Dog) Check out Alan's Scorchin' Hot guitar work and deep powerful vocals. His new CD also features the incomparable Jay Spell on keyboards, and amazing special guest Greg "Fingers" Taylor on harmonica. This CD will keep your heart pumping and strike a fire to your soul. Wright is committed to the groove based soulful music that removes you from your seat and starts your foot tappin and hits your dancing funny bone. It’ll make you stand on your head and howl like a wolf and plenty of other things that you wouldn’t normally do. So be careful, you might have too much fun. Alan plays hot and tasty electric and acoustic guitars. It's really greasy with lots of hot sauce on it. He is a great guitarist, singer, and songwriter. His guitar playing is pure and powerful. He plays his tail off on that thing. He also plays soulful and powerful harmonica. When he gets buried in the music it's a treat to watch him point his seafoam-green Stratocaster down at the floor, almost as if he's tapping directly down into the very roots of the music he loves. Singer Songwriter Alan Wright released his first Album (Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog) in 2003. Took a little time to deal with some of life’s trials and now working on the second album Wright has put together a new band to start a Summer of Hot Shows. The Alan Wright Band features the Rock Solid Foundation of Rhythm Section consisting of the Mighty Thunder of Art Mendoza On the Drums locked in with the groove master Bassman David Grover. Wright, Mendoza and Grover are an Intense, Soulful and Powerful trio with Wright on guitar and Harp and Heartfelt Soulful Vocals It’s the Show to Catch At some shows you will also be blessed with the mastery of Jim Blazer on the keys as well as a number of various other incredible players. Alan can work as a Duo, or up to a 7 piece band depending on the venue and the budget, whatever the situation, it's always a great show. All types of Venues from Club Shows, Festivals and Concerts to Corporate functions and Weddings, as well as Private Parties So Book Your Summer Party, Christmas Party or New Years Party Now!!! Alan has been an entertainer in the music business for over thirty years and has toured coast to coast doing successful shows of all kinds, No Worries, He's got it covered. Alan's Contact Info: Web-site: www.alanwrightband.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/alan wright e mail: awright@alanwrightband.com Cell Phone: (661) 993-6466