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Alan- makes me feel good to know you are doing so well. You've come along way since the days we had to pick you at Roosevelt Jr High school in Decatur, so we could practice in the Wright's living room....those were the days! I love your music - lots of heart...I'm proud of you buddy. Bill "Exit is Rock n Roll"
Nice talking to ya! I like your sound, I definitely have to check you out live since we're so here in Napa! http://www.bluesfestivalguide.com/eguide/articles/byrum_2-09.shtml
Alan Wright is the best around. I used to work with him in Peoria, Illinois, at Doc Roc's and Gilligan's... and you can't find a better friend. His talent transcends all demographics and genres... even if blues isn't your particular cup of tea, you'll still love him! Next time I'm in L.A., I'll be watching him on stage!
Love the Blues!!!! You guys Rock!!!!
Wow! Finally tracked you down - haven't seen you since the 'Londoneer' in Santa Clarita (I think that was the name) you did a show with Jay Sell. Tragic to hear the news about his health, a great talent and soul. Rock on.
Love your stuff! I love the web page- haven't been on it in a while. See you soon at the Roast House! I may even see on the first at The Rock House!
Hey Alan, It's Sher... cruzin your page! Told you that you are an inspiration.... See you soon, S
Hey Alan, it's your old sound man! Brian Elam hooked me up with you page. I still have your CD in my car and on my I-Pod--love it! Blues is still one of my top 3 genres and I've turned a lot of youth onto it; including yours! Hope all is well with you and yours. Enjoy, Michael Van Strien Clemson, SC
Dear Alan, I thought that you also included a Hofner Nightingale in your live gigs aside from the strat. How do you rate the nightingale? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Oscar
Hey Alan Me and your brother were just hanging out over here at the office just checking out the website. Your music ROCKS! Take care and see you soon. Peace and Love
HEY MAN!!!! WHAT THE HELL? How is life? It's been 10 long years since we spoke last. Hope all is well...drop me a line. Fido
yo im 14 and play guitar and no one will give me lessons cuz i play better than people in his class who been playing for 7 years.hook me up with a band please cuz that a guitarest told my mom that.any one who can play like 6-7 years.
A Great night hearing you for the first time. Loved the sound, enjoyed the short chat. We will be back!
Hey guitar man, I was just looking at the Performance Magazine article the other day after talkin with Rockin Tom! Hope you are having a great holiday and the best for 2007....Peace Denny
Hello from Illinois, When are you going to bring the band to Illinois??????? See Ya Don
We are back in town and are holdin' some of da finest "Ketchup Potato Chips" ever smuggled into da good ol' USA.
Alan.Your great ,Thanks for some great blues.I'm grampa with the grandson.I hope to get my grandson and me over to your jam.HE LOVES THE BLUES.Just like grampa.Anyway ,A good friend of Tom Leavy.Hope to get there soon.Hope you have your cd there .We need one real bad Alan.I'm passing the word about you.Thanks again for some great blues Peter
Grrrrrrreat jam Saturday night. We all ahd a great time. Allen n Sandi + friends
Great site Alan! Sorry I missed your show at The Rock on Saturday. I won't miss it the next time and I'll be sure to hook up with...gosh I don't know her real name but I'll just call her Pat since she looks just like Pat Benatar..Rock on baby!!
Hey Alan! You rock! I've never seen a band that can do it all with one guy! Amazing! You should check out HFI sometime...they rock too! www.haasrocks.com
Hey, are ya playing at The Londoner anytime soon?
It was a great Saturday night, when I heard you play at the Rock Inn - in fact I am at work right now listening to the CD I bought from you. I am looking at your calendar, and will try very hard to find these places and come watch you play. You are a great great soul man....you Rock - heidi
Can't wait to see you jam this Saturday night, 6-3-2006. The teaser of your music sounds hot. Will we get to see fingers also on Saturday? Looking forward to seein you wail. Blues on, Matt
Saw you for the 2nd time in Ventura and you guys ROCKED Having grown up in Chicago I LOVE the blues....you play with so much soul! Will have to catch you again soon!
Sure wish I could come to a show...miss you much,your in my prayers.Hopefully I'll get out there and see a show soon.Hugg the monkeys for me.Tell them i said hi too.Talk to you Later , Jheri And P.s. Smile :) & Have a great day.
It was great to see you and Jay Spell playing in Ventura this weekend! We hope to see you back real soon!
Alan The names Chris and im a 15 year old blues afficionado. Keep the blues alive! It fuels the soul!
hey alan.....you deff rock at gi gi's on fri. nite's. what a fun evening...your wonderful music and mr. hill's dancing... ( : doesn't get any better than that! we'll see you soon...and thanks.
hey alan, jay spell told me to check out your website so here I am.the 120inc. piece you are working on is for me and after reading your bio I think I should be doing something for you!Just wanted to tell you thanks for all your hard work.I hope we can all profit from this project.Its great to get to see who is actually working on this CD.hope to talk with you soon TRY to keep Jay straight.come to N.C. and I'll buy you some REAL Bar-B-Q. Terry Batson
Hey man site looks good! Check out my message board too!! www.radiobuzzed.com
Hey Alan! Saw you for the first time at the B.K. Diaz event...I'm from Chicago and you're doin' the Blues the way it was meant to be done!! Keep on bluesin'!!!
hey Alan! Nice site! See ya in London soon!! :)
hey alan I was here. I actually visited youre website. I will see you tonite at the Roast House. Nice pic's you can take the one of me out now. Ha Love ya Mary PS YOU ROCK
Hey you... Great website! You are rockin' n' a rollin' just like I always knew you would! I love ya, Lefty
Hi Alan and Chris, I will check you out Alan one of these evenings. Chris tells me you're great! Later. Lee Thurmond
Your sight looks fantastic. Love the layout, pics, etc.