Alan Wright Band - wins the International Blues Challenge - Heading to Memphis in Feb. 09 to Compete

The Alan Wright Band won the 2009 International Blues Challenge, held at Cozy's. The Band then went to Memphis in February 2009 to compete there. wish y'all could have been there, what a great time. Thanks to Lynn Parker and all of the Santa Clarita blues society members for thier hard work putting this whole thing together year after year as well as the judges who take thier time to get involved. It's a lot of hard work and much appreciated. A special thanks to: Jay Spell, Jeff Ackerman, and Peter Miller. I am very Blessed to be working with players of this caliber, and on top of that they are some of the most wonderful, incredibly supportive people on the planet. It is my pleasure to say that I work with them. Also, a very special thanks to my children Jessica, Max and Holland for thier encourgement and support. Any one who knows me, knows that these children, ARE MY LIFE. Thanks also to: The Parrot Heads who are always in every way wonderfully supportive. And to my brother Chris Wright who has been like a life support system in every way. Thank you to the Nedra Ware party who came to support, Y'all are the greatest. I thank God for all the Blessing that come to me day after day Have a great day and God Bless Y'all

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